Dryer Repair Oakville

Gas Dryers

Washing and drying out clothes may not be considered fun, but modern home appliances result in the job simpler. Moreover, gas supplies a clean, efficient fuel to complete the task economically. New gas dryers are equipped for efficiency with features for example pilot-less ignition and automatic shutoff. Industry research has shown that new gas dryers consume to 30% less energy than older models. Consumer Reviews states that within their tests, based utility rates typically, it cost 14¢ to dry a 12-pound mixed load inside a gas dryer, and 44¢ within an electric dryer.

Electric Dryers

Electric dryers operate the very same way as gas dryers the only real difference is the fact that electric dryers use electricity to transmit heat into the drum rather than gas. The only real factor to keep in mind is the fact that most electric dryers need a 240/208-volt connection (10-30R or 14-30R outlet), that is two times what standard outlet. It is also worth noting that many electric dryers are not equipped with electrical cords. Some manufactures (like Whirlpool, Maytag and Amana) will sell the ability cord being an accessory using the dryer, however for most electric dryers you will have to buy the wire individually. The connections you’ve in your house will most dictate whether you may need an electric or gas dryer.

Stacking Dryers

Nowadays most dryers are stacking using a stacking package. Whenever we say stacking, we mean that they’ll be stacked on the top from the matching washer. Stacking dryers are popular only because they save valuable space inside your laundry room and also they have the ability to hide your laundry pair from sight inside a closet. To be able to accommodate this kind of installation, you have to purchase the correct stacking package which goes together with your particular washer/dryer set to make sure compatibility. Look into the manufacturer’s specifications carefully to find out whether there’s a stacking package available. Some stacking kits may have yet another pull-out tray, supplying a convenient work surface. Stacking kits are offered as a separate accessory towards the dryer and washer.

Washer Dryer Combos

Washer Dryer Combos are ideal for rental flats that don’t have a water hookup for that washer, or perhaps an electric or gas flame for that dryer. The washer dryer combo unit connects to 110 volts of electricity, and hooks up to and including the drain for draining. The dryer area of the unit uses ventless technology.