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Chefs usually prefer gas ranges because heat output can be greater and easier to control. Gas ranges can have either open burners, which are cheaper and more efficient, or sealed burners that are easier to clean. Upgrades include larger oven window, self clean function, oven convection element, warming drawer and additional burners. The standard range size is 30″, while you can buy a four-burner range at 20″ and 24″wide.

Stove Repair Oakville
Stove Repair Oakville

Dual Fuel Ranges

Dual Fuel ranges combine the best of both worlds, a gas cooktop and an electric oven. Gas cooktops are known for their high heat output and excellent cooking, while electric ovens are superior when it comes to the preciseness of baking. Dual fuel ranges come with higher price tags than electric ranges or gas ranges, but they fit the specific needs of the gourmet cook.

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Washing machine broke down; called the office at 1:45 pm on a Sunday and the washer was fixed by 3:30 the same day. Excellent service and highly recommend.

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Quite happy with the work that was done on my Viking refrigerator by Oakville Appliance Repair. The work was very affordable was completed in a short amount of time. Would definitely call them again in the future!

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We called Oakville Appliance Repairs about our GE Gas Stove. The oven wasn't working. The repairman came over within the hour and it was fixed in half an hour. The repairman was very professional and pleasant. We highly recommend this company.
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